Instructions and guidelines for contributors and authors


BOLETIM WINNICOTT NO BRASIL accepts various forms of contribution from individuals dedicated to studying and researching topics related to Winnicott’s thought and with something of value to add. Contributions can range from information about an article or book by a Winnicottian author not yet listed in our Winnicottian Bibliography, to an unpublished article, review, commentary or note. We request the contribution follow the parameters below and be sent by e-mail to Please follow the instructions and guidelines for each of the Bulletin’s sections.

When sending your contribution, please indicate the intended Area and Section of the BOLETIM, and ensure that your material is formatted according to our recommended editorial standards, which can be consulted in this link.

Institutions: Institution name; main participants/founders/coordinators; locality; website and/or social networks; summary presentation of the institution.

Articles; Reviews; Notes, Comments; Discussions: We will initially publish texts by professionals connected to the IBPW and affiliated associations, or from guest writers indicated by the editors of each section. In time, this space will be opened to contributions from other Winnicottian thinkers and researchers.

Interviews; Autobiographies: For these Sections, we accept nominations, which will be screened by the BOLETIM’s editorial board and invited for future contributions.

 Teaching; Research: Name and type of training or degree, research, research project or report; subject; institution; date of attainment; target or ongoing degree; synopsis of the course; link for additional information.

Events: Name and type of event; subject; organizing institution; place and date of event; link for additional information or program; synopsis of the event.

Editorial News: Title of book or publication; year of publication; name of author or editor; publishing company. If the article is part of a publication, please inform the page range. And include an outline/synopsis of the publication.

Winnicottian Bibliography: Title of the text; type of publication (whether book, magazine, article, etc.); year of publication; authorship; publishing company. If the article is part of a publication, please inform the page range.